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Inspired by the power of movement and the pursuit of wellness, Wallace Fitness was founded in 2023. With a passion for health and fitness and a keen eye for style, our founder, Karla Wallace, saw a need for fitness apparel that was not only functional but also fashionable and empowering. And from her vision of what fitness apparels can look like, Wallace Athletics was born.

Men's fitness wear

New Life

Men's fitness wear

Think Yoga

Men's fitness wear

Breath deep


Join us on this journey towards wellness and self-expression. With Wallace Athletics, elevate your fitness routine, express your style, and become part of a community that empowers and supports each other

Our Promise

We promise to continually work towards delivering products that meet our high standards of quality and style. We're committed to providing excellent customer service and building a positive, supportive community for our customers. As part of the Wallace Athletics family, your wellness journey is our priority.

Men's fitness wear

Vinyasa Yoga

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Hatha Yoga

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Iyengar Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga

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Our mission at Wallace Athletics is to support and enhance your wellness journey with our high-quality, stylish activewear. We believe that feeling good in your fitness attire can boost your confidence, motivate you to move, and ultimately contribute to your overall well-being.


At Wallace Athletics, we value wellness, quality, style, and community.

We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle that encompasses both physical and mental well-being.

Our products are designed with utmost attention to quality, ensuring durability and comfort.

We believe in the power of personal style, and our versatile pieces are made to be mixed and matched, allowing you to express yourself. 

We value our community of customers and strive to inspire, support, and learn from each other on this fitness journey.